City of Darwin is not listening

30 Apr 2019

It was extremely disappointing last week to arrive at work and realise that the COTA NT’s offices had been vandalised again. It reinforces our intention to put a fence along our border line and hopefully in the car park, whilst still leaving access for the general public to walk through. However, when we contacted City of Darwin about this – their response was, “you can’t do that.” The police on the other hand were over the moon when we mentioned the fence proposal, but they thought the proposal would include the whole grass area of Poinciana Park and not just along the perimeter of Spillett House itself. They also agreed it is a hot spot for anti-social behaviour and that a lot of time and money is wasted policing this area, when a fence could possibly alleviate the problem.  I am left wondering if City of Darwin listens to their constituents and the police on advice regarding measures that could eliminate this sort of costly vandalism and anti-social behaviour.  Also, a very big shout out to our members who expressed their concern and offered support – it is very heartening.

We are expecting over 100 exhibitors to attend our 2019 Seniors Expo – remember to put the date – Friday 31 May – in your diary.  We have also been busy planning Seniors Month and assisting our regions with ‘Living Stronger Living Longer’ activities. Speaking of activities, you can access our calendar online and check out what COTA is offering seniors at Spillett House. (You can also see what is offered around the Territory by other organisations and groups).

We look forward to celebrating our 50th Anniversary at a Parliamentary reception hosted by the Honourable Dale Wakefield MLA, Minister for Territory Families early next month, and look forward to sharing the evening with COTA members and invited guests.

~ Sue Shearer, CEO COTA NT


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