Call to NT Government to look after own

11 Sep 2018

COTA NT has had quite a few visits by disgruntled Territorians regarding the Population Strategy and the $15,000 incentive for people in the 55 to 65 age bracket who wish to re-locate to the Territory. This is the hardest age group for current Territorians to acquire ongoing employment. If they are unemployed and can’t access their super (if they have any) then they are on Newstart – which is only $40 a day. While we need to attract people to the Territory, we really do have to look after our own first and have a level playing field.

We would also urge the Territory Housing Minister to lobby the Federal Housing Minister regarding the Commonwealth Rental Subsidy. We all know that all states and territories are opting out of providing public housing and looking at the private sector to fill the gap. We all know that the median rental for units and houses fluctuates and at present is abnormally low. However, the Commonwealth Rental Assistance programme does not keep pace with rental increases. These gaps may cause many renters to forgo necessities, so they can pay their rent. Again, we have had numerous seniors visiting us who are extremely worried for their future.

We are into the second week of the COTA NT 2018 Survey and our staff and volunteers have been in shopping centres and out and about. We urge all seniors to fill in this survey. We will be in Casuarina Shopping Centre tomorrow outside Telstra and on Friday we will be at Palmerston Shopping Centre, but please check with us for updates (8941 1004, Monday to Friday 9am to 3pm). The survey is available to download from our website, as an online form and print copies are available from Spillett House.


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