COTA NT Club & Associate Members Code of Conduct

COTA NT Club & Associate Members Code of Conduct

COTA NT is a highly respected and well regarded advocacy organisation with a proud history of speaking out on behalf of senior Territorians for over 50 years. Accordingly, it is expected that Club and Associate Members of COTA NT will abide by the organisation’s Code of Conduct when they take up Club and Associate membership of COTA NT.

Code of Conduct

COTA NT Club and Associate Members agree:

Membership application and acceptance will be deemed as agreement to adhere to the Code of Conduct and they will:

  • Treat all COTA NT staff, volunteers, members and Club and Associate members other with respect at all times;
  • Promote a positive culture of fairness, integrity and equality for all;
  • Pay all subscriptions and dues to COTA NT as stipulated;
  • Follow Club and Associate membership requirements with honest and integrity;
  • Treat COTA NT workforce with respect and fairness when making enquiries, attending activities and at any time when dealing with any workforce member;
  • Not use their Club and Associate membership position for illegal, improper or inappropriate purposes or undue advantage;
  • Not use any COTA NT resources of whatever kind or nature without authority other than for relevant and appropriate purposes;
  • Advise COTA NT of any issues, problems or changes in status as soon as is practical, especially if it changes the nature of their Club and Associate membership;
  • Not to discredit COTA NT or otherwise bring it into disrepute;
  • Reinforce the integrity and good reputation of COTA NT and demonstrate loyalty and commitment to its strategic direction;
  • Generally support the work of COTA NT as appropriate.

Any Club and Associate member deemed to have breached the Code of Conduct may have their Club and Associate membership revoked.

Breaches of the Code of Conduct

Action may be taken to revoke individual or associate Membership for:

  • any unacceptable, inappropriate or unlawful behaviour;
  • disrespectful, unprofessional or unjust treatment of other members or COTA NT’s workforce;
  • bringing COTA NT into disrepute.

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