Seniors workshops at COTA NT

Workshops at COTA

This information is primarily for supporters, sponsors and providers of workshops and seminars at COTA NT’s offices:

  • A typical information-based workshop or seminar lasts between 45 minutes and one hour
  • A longer session should not run any longer than two hours (due to 2 hour city parking restrictions, most seniors will leave sessions early)
  • Tea/coffee, water and biscuits are available (provided by COTA NT)
  • Other refreshments provided by the presenting body should be healthy and nutritious options, and wherever possible catering for diabetic, gluten-free dietary requirements
  • Housekeeping and Health and Safety guidelines must be announced before each presentation (these are provided by COTA)
  • Presenters are encouraged to use a (hand-held) microphone to enable all participants to hear what is being said (this is provided by COTA NT)
  • Presenters are encouraged to speak slowly and enunciate clearly
  • Presentations should be interactive wherever possible, humour (where relevant) helps to keep people engaged and interested in the topic
  • Samples to show or giveaway are always appreciated by participants
  • PowerPoint presentations, YouTube videos and Internet resources can be viewed using the provided laptop and monitor in the large meeting room (presentations should be brought on USB sticks).

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