Seniors Expo 2019 Registration

Seniors EXPO 2019

Event overview†

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Event Information

We have published the following event information to help with your planning and understanding of the event.†

3 easy ways to register

    1. Seniors Expo Registration Online Form (see below)
    2. Download the SENIORS EXPO 2019 Registration Form
    3. Pick up a form from COTA NT (8941 1004 – 65 Smith Street, Darwin) or request one to be emailed to you

Register online

Seniors EXPO 2019 Registration Form

  • This name will be used in the event program and promotional activity
  • This should be the name of the person organising your participation at EXPO
  • This will be used to communicate with you regarding your registration, updates to the event and to send participant information
  • As part of the event's promotional activity, we may publish material on your Facebook page to let people know more about who is at the event.
  • This is the username generated by Facebook to help people find your page easily. This tag @YOURNAME can be used in our posts and comments about the event to promote your attendance. It also helps your page be seen and shared by our audience.
  • This should be the phone number of your contact person.
  • Provide a brief description of your proposed activity, stall or performance for EXPO. It is highly recommended to include details of any special activity as these may be used in promotional material.
    Please check the most appropriate box for your organisation. Unless we contact you in regard to your selection, this is the fee you agree to pay COTA NT. (Your fee entitles you to one exhibition space, use of one trestle table and two chairs and helps pay for all event staging costs and promotion).
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.

Next steps

We would like to thank all those who have registered to participate.

Note: One trestle table and 2 chairs will be provided for each stallholder space (measuring roughly 3 metres square). Gazebos are not allowed in the stadium and promotional material must be free-standing e.g pull-up banners with rubber feet. 

† We reserve the right to modify,  change or rearrange as applicable the venue, time of operations and other issues that affect the SENIORS EXPO

SENIORS EXPO Late entries – If you have missed our registration deadline, please contact Stephanie Kendall our Events Manager by email (events @ – no spaces) directly.