My Story (COTA NT edition)

A short workbook to  help you write about your life in your own words and create a memory book for you and a memor for future generations.

This guide is designed to printed as 8pp, saddle-stitched A5 or A4 publication. Limited Print copies of My Story are available from COTA NT’s Head Office. 

What an excellent ‘life’ diary…Getting thoughts, achievements, ambitions etc down on paper for posterity, and for they who come afterwards, is a wonderful idea, with the operative words being ‘on paper’…The front-cover photograph is a classic. Your model makes readers want to immediately open the book…Writing by hand is good brain exercise – like bicep curls and  leg extensions for the body.It’s a curious fact that people not inclined to write often discover the depths within and once they start, they can’t stop.” Hemsley Rajala


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