Advance Personal Plans

Advance Personal Plans (APP)

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What is an APP?

An Advance Personal Plan is a legal document that will set out your future health, financial and life choices should you be unable to make decisions for yourself. This can be due to age, illness or accident. It is also known as a living will and will only take effect when you lose decision-making capacity while you are still alive. It does not replace your will. 

Advance Personal Planning replaces enduring power of attorney in the Northern Territory.

Planning your Plan

Download an Advance Personal Plan form. It provides cues to what you may like to include in your plan. A sample of some of these questions are provided below:

  • What gives your life meaning? What do you value most in life? For example, independence, being on country/at home, being able to work, food, family etc.
  • If nearing death, what are your goals/priorities? What is most important to you? For example, dignity, to be comfortable, and to have my friends and family around me etc.
  • Where would you like to die/finish up?
  • After death, what is important to you? For example, a ceremonial smoking, or for my body to be returned to my birth country, blessings, cremation, burial etc.

It is strongly recommended that before completing this document you discuss your options with your doctor who knows your medical history and views. The doctor will also be able to explain any medical terms that you are unsure about and will confirm that you were able to  understand the decisions you have made in the document and that you made those decisions voluntarily. You can also ask your doctor to witness your signature.

Advance care planning advisory service

You may also wish to contact the Advance care planning advisory service on 1300 208 582 for guidance. They are available 9am – 5pm (AEST)  Monday to Friday.
Advance Care Planning Australia is funded by the Australian Government and administered by Austin Health.

Making your Advance Personal Plan

  1. Fill in the advance personal plan form (available here) – speak with your family and friends about your choices and seek medical advice regarding specific treatments
  2. Get your plan witnessed
  3. Register your plan
  4. Update your eHealth record
  5. Register with the Land Titles Office
  6. Store your plan safely.

Further information is available on the advance personal plan form and on the website,

More information about end of life planning is available to COTA NT members in the White Papers section of the Members only pages.

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