For Senior Territorians – COVID-19 Information & Resources

COTA Australia and Federal Government

Information specifically for older Australians. (Visit the COTA A website –


Department of Health

Visit the Department of Health website (

Stay informed

Read the latest announcements about COVID-19 and up-to-date advice for your situation.

Department of Social Services – Coronavirus (COVID-19) information and support

The department is supporting individuals and families affected by Coronavirus through a range of measures.

Visit the Scam Watch website (

Unfortunately, scammers are taking advantage of the spread of coronavirus to exploit and play on the fears of consumers across Australia. Scammers are doing things such as falsely selling coronavirus-related products online, and using fake emails or text messages to try and obtain personal data. Other scams include phishing emails and phone calls impersonating the World Health Organisation, government authorities, and legitimate businesses – including travel agents and telecommunications companies. If you think you have been scammed, you can make a report on the Scamwatch website, and find more information about where to get help.