Check your current online skill level

nbn™ created OSCAR (Online Skills Check & Resources), to help Australians measure their level of online skills and find the resources to become more capable and confident online.

It’s quick and easy: a short online tool that helps users assess their digital capability on four essential competencies:

  • Online knowledge
  • Device usage
  • Sharing data and e-Safety
  • Online communication

If you are interested in taking your skills to the next level, click here to access OSCAR and find out more (this link takes you to a survey page on the nbn™ website).

At the end of the survey, OSCAR will point you towards a library of resources containing a wide variety of practical learning resources from trusted providers – with something for all skills levels.

nbn™ currently has a partnership with COTA NT, we’re working closely because our shared purpose is to lift the digital capability of all seniors in the Northern Territory.

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Page updated: 21 April 2022

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