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nbn™ info for users across the NT

  1. Check what technology is available at your home address – Fibre, Fixed Wireless (towers) & Satellite (type in your address on the home screen)
    Home | nbn (

  2. Information on Sky Muster & Sky Muster Plus Satellite
    Useful information for those living outside of Darwin, Palmerston and Alice Springs.
    nbn™ Sky Muster™ satellite service explained | nbn (

  3. List of current providers of nbn™ services (please note, not all will provide nbn™ Sky Muster Satellite services)
    List of providers | nbn (

  4. Information regarding medical alarms
    Medical alarms | nbn (

  5. Information regarding fax & teletypewriter devices on the nbn™ network
    Fax & teletypewriter devices | nbn (

  6. Information for consumers who only have a landline
    Do you rely on your landline for communication? | nbn (

  7. Information regarding what happens during a power outage
    What happens in a power blackout? | nbn (

  8. Community Events with nbn™
    Community events | nbn (

nbn™ currently has a partnership with COTA NT, we’re working closely because our shared purpose is to lift the digital capability of all seniors in the Northern Territory.

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Page updated: 21 April 2022

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