Brand guidelines


  • Web – Use pre-set Styles under FORMAT
  • Print (Word) – Calibri, under 14pt always black not grey
  • Print/Online – Calibri or Myriad Pro


  • Minimum size in print 12mm (+ 3rd line depth, only for COTA A logo)
  • Online 86 pixels 
  • clear space guidelines in ads
  • A4 logo 110mm, left margin 25mm, top l eft margin 10mm (same for landscape)
  • DL flyers, logo 67mm, left margin 16mm, top left margin 10mm

Colour palettes

Seniors Card Blue 96 76 32 17 #083390 Dark Gold 33,48,82,11 #987629 Light gold 18,22,71,0 #D1C74A (for use on dark blue)










Logo positioning and grids



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