How to make bookings for COTA NT activities and events

Many of COTA NT activities require pre-booking for a number of reasons: COVID-19 regulations, catering, budgeting and delivery of information (i.e. printed materials and giveaways).

You can book in the following ways:

Fit for life

Bookings and enquiries for Fit for life program activities (such as Pilates, Chair Aerobics and Tai Chi) are managed by the instructors.

By eventbrite

Visit COTA NT’s Eventbrite page to make your bookings for those activities and events which require pre-booking.

By phone

By email

As per invitation / flyer

Some of our regional activities are solely managed by our representatives. Details on how to book will be provided generally on an event by event basis.

Please note for all bookings made by phone or email, it is highly advisable that you call ahead to check the activity is still going on. Reminders and notifications will usually only be sent with people booking via eventbrite.