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  • COTA NT Election Recommendations to the NT Government 2024 Recommendations cover 6 major areas of concern (aged care, housing, cost of living, safety, health and wellbeing and civil rights) and include 30 recommendations for the 15th Assembly of the Northern Territory. These wide-ranging recommendations set out significant opportunities to improve the lives of senior Territorians for whomever forms government.



  • Letter to Ken Davies regarding Public Housing ‘Market Rate’ and other concerns – Writing on behalf of a 83 year old resident in Public Housing paying ‘market rent’ for a run-down property and after 32 years there, suffering stress because told home not secure. Sue Shearer, CEO COTA NT – 22 June 2022
  • Letter to City of Darwin_Submission regarding Bagot Park Master Plan – Writing with suggestions to develop Bagot Park as a safe, equitable, accessible and appropriate multi-generational ‘age-friendly’ space. Sue Shearer, CEO COTA NT – 27 March 2022
    • 3 August 2022 The initial consultation to develop the Bagot Park Master Plan was completed in March 2022, with stage 2 consultation on the draft master plan completed in late May-early June 2022.  Responding to the feedback received on the draft master plan, the proposed layout of buildings in the Sports Hub were updated, along with other minor changes including the widening of some paths to a minimum of 2.5m for improved accessibility, the inclusion of an accessible toilet in the Community Hub area and inclusion of a potential dog park zone, subject to future consultation.

      At the 26 July 2022 Ordinary Meeting, Council endorsed the Bagot Park Master Plan.  Key aspects of the master plan include:

      • upgraded car park
      • football change rooms and goal storage
      • tree canopy and environmental buffer
      • shared pathway network
      • community recreation hub and intergenerational play/exercise
      • shared sporting club rooms, toilet facilities and community space

      You can view the finalised Bagot Park Master Plan on Council’s website along with the full consultation report on page 53 of the Council meeting agenda.

  • Letter to Chief Minister – NT Seniors Recognition Scheme – In light of rising costs of living, request for NTG to increase the amount provided to seniors on the NT Seniors Recognition Scheme by at least $100.00. Sue Shearer, CEO COTA NT – 20 March 2022
    • 5 May 2022 Outcome: Letter received from Acting Minister for Seniors, Selena Uibo. An increase to the value of the NTSRS prepaid card is not being considered at this time (read here).
  • Letter to Chief Minister – Katherine Age Disability Officer– Writing to express concerns that 1,500  Katherine senior residents should have Officer in situ to help with aged and disability issues. Sue Shearer, CEO COTA NT – 27 May 2022
    • 22 June 2022 Outcome: Letter received from Chief Minister Natasha Fyles. There was never any intention for this role to be moved to Darwin, and it will remain in Katherine. (read here).


2016 – 2020

  • NT Rebound Submission 20-07-2020 – COTA NT’s submission to help shape the agenda to propel the Territory’s economic recovery, create jobs and attract more private investment to the Territory.  Sue Shearer, CEO COTA NT – July 2020
  • COTA NT Bidding for Senior Territorians 2020 – Election Submission calling on the Northern Territory Government to invest in six key areas that will improve the lives of senior Territorians. Investment in liveable communities, skills and jobs, accessible information, planning for change, a safe Northern Territory and in reducing the cost of living.  (click here to read) Sue Shearer, CEO COTA NT – February 2020 
  • Letter to Northern Territory MLA – Religious Freedom Letter to Politicians “…to express our substantive concerns with the proposed legislation. Protecting religious freedoms should not override existing anti-discrimination protections…” (click here to read) Sue Shearer, CEO COTA NT – January 2020
  • Open letter/ media release – “Sex work would devalue people’s homes” (click here to read) Sue Shearer, CEO COTA NT – December 2019 
  • Letter to the Northern Territory Attorney-General – “Please agree to take action to harmonise Power of Attorney orders immediately enabling the establishment of a national register. This will ensure the Northern Territory Government is doing its best to help older people at risk of abuse.” (click here to read) Sue Shearer, CEO COTA NT – November 2019
  • Petition to Northern Territory Government that, “The Northern Territory Government launch an immediate and urgent review of the Seniors Concession Scheme to redress inequities and unfairness in the Scheme with a view to reinstating concessions for seniors throughout the Territory disenfranchised by the May 2014 Budget decision.” Graeme Bevis, CEO COTA NT – June 2016

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