StepUp for Dementia Research

See also, StepUp for Ageing Research

StepUp for Dementia Research is a free online, postal and telephone service that connects people interested in dementia research with researchers conducting studies into dementia prevention, diagnosis, treatment, care and cure. Anyone aged 18 and over – both with and without dementia – can register their interest, which can take as little as five minutes. Based on volunteers’ characteristics such as age, location and diagnosis, they will be matched to any studies for which they may be eligible. 

 One of the biggest challenges for dementia researchers is finding the right people to participate, because there is still a lot of stigma around dementia and people don’t feel comfortable talking about it. StepUp will improve recruitment into research studies, which has the potential to save millions of dollars and fast-track dementia research. Importantly, StepUp will give the public a voice and help them contribute to the future of dementia research. Ultimately, without research participants research cannot take place.

The aim of StepUp for Dementia Research

The goal of StepUp for Dementia Research is to make it possible for everyone who wants to be involved in dementia research to get the chance to do so and to help researchers find the people they need. One of the big difficulties researchers face is finding enough participants for their studies. At the same time, many people are looking to participate in studies, but don’t know where to find them. StepUp for Dementia Research solves this problem by connecting people who want to participate in research with the right study. Dementia is the second highest cause of death among Australians. In 2018, there are an estimated 425,416 Australians living with dementia. There are numerous questions about diagnosis, treatments, prevention, and best care, for which there are no clear answers. Research into dementia will help find these answers.

What types of research and activities could I be part of when signing up to StepUp for Dementia Research?

You may be involved in research around topics such as: nutrition, lifestyle, new technology, psychological therapy, physical therapy, drug trial, citizen science, survey/interview, brain imaging, genetic test, cognitive test, social engagement, procedure/treatment.

Based on your characteristics such as age, location and diagnosis, you will be matched to any studies for which you may be eligible.

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