COTA NT 50th Anniversary Memory Well

Since its incorporation in 1969, COTA NT – Council on the Ageing Northern Territory – has aimed to serve seniors and community in the Northern Territory through its advocacy and representation, its programs, its activities and its open door policy.

Territorian Timeline – COTA NT’s 50 Years

As part of our 50th year anniversary activities, COTA NT is collating people’s experiences and memories of the organisation from 1969 to current day (the last 50 years) to create a unique Territorian timeline. 

If you have worked for COTA, enjoyed conversation with staff and volunteers, received help or advice, participated in or benefitted from a specific service, program or event over the years, we want to hear from you.

Memory Well

Your memories will help us share the extent of our work over the last 50 years and make sure that the importance of organisations like ours is publicly recognised. A few words or photos would be tremendously appreciated for our “memory well.” 


Please send to your contributions to Stephanie Kendall, COTA NT Communications and Events Manager. (Please mention details such as the name of the program, event or staff members as relevant and dates if you know them.)

  • on
  • or to COTA NT, GPO Box 852, Darwin NT 0801
  • or drop off in person to Spillett House, 65 Smith Street, Darwin 0800.

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