COTA NT Sponsors

COTA NT thanks its key Sponsors, Program Sponsors, Project Sponsors and Event Sponsors not only for their financial and in-kind support, but for being an active part of our movement for change. 

Key Sponsors

Our Key Program Sponsors fund delivery of new and ongoing programs and projects which benefit a large number of Territory seniors.

Northern Territory

Part-fund Service Plan, plus delivery of NT Seniors Card program, MASP, Seniors Month, NT Grandparents Day and major events through NTG grants.

Commonwealth Government

Provides funding for delivery of the Partners in Culturally Appropriate Care (PICAC) service and Aged Care Navigators Trial program.



Program Sponsors

Our Program Sponsors typically part-fund delivery of new and existing programs which benefit a smaller, targeted-number of Territory seniors.


Offers discounted classes to COTA NT membership to support health and well-being, plus showcasing fitness at major events.

Sponsor of the Digital Capability for Life Program launching 2022 and Grandparents Day 2021 – 2023.

Sponsor of NT Grandparents Day.

Project Sponsors

Our Project Sponsors typically part-fund one-off projects through financial and in-kind support.

Northern Institute – CDU

An ongoing partnership has enabled Charles Darwin University (CDU) researchers have provided independent research on which COTA has been able to advocate for Territory Seniors.

City of Darwin

Grant funding and in-kind support for engagement projects including Seniors Expo, Remembering Cyclone Tracy, Cyclone Planning for Seniors and care of lawns and car park.



Event Sponsors

Our Event Sponsors help us to deliver special events for seniors, or assist with the promotion of a significant calendar date, by getting involved ‘hands on’ and/or assisting us through financial or in-kind support. (Event Sponsors are listed on the event specific page e.g. Seniors Expo 2021 – accessible via Events on the main menu).

Become a COTA NT sponsor

To become a COTA NT sponsor, please contact our Events and Marketing Manager in the first instance. It is helpful to think about:

  • What you are able to contribute financially or in-kind and to what degree.
  • Whether you are interested in an ongoing relationship with COTA NT as a Key Program or Program Sponsor.
  • Whether you prefer to become an Event Sponsor and align yourself with a specific event that matches your field of interest.

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