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COTA NT Members, Don and Franz swapping news and views

When you join COTA NT, you are becoming part of a united voice for seniors across the Northern Territory. Our Members come from a wide range of backgrounds – they are male and female, individuals and couples from different cultural and ethnic backgrounds.

They are:

  • Aged between 50 and 90 years old
  • Working, in employment transition, in early retirement
  • Healthy, active, independent, accessing assistance/support
  • Socially engaged and active in the community
  • Volunteering their time to serve others
  • Facilitating workshops, groups and events for themselves and other seniors.

All our Members have an interest in the well-being of seniors. Unlike many other seniors’ organisations, our events are open to non-financial members of COTA NT. However, we welcome support through financial membership (as well as through volunteering, sponsorship, fund-raising, donations and bequests).

What COTA NT Members do

  • COTA NT Members are invited to raise their concerns and issues with the Chief Executive Officer of COTA NT, who can advocate on their behalf.
  • COTA NT Members are invited to air their views in surveys and forums delivered by COTAs and other agencies (such as governments, service providers and welfare groups)
  • COTA NT Members enjoy our programs and events, meet and connect with others and are provided with information to promote, improve and protect their circumstances and well-being
  • COTA NT Members are invited to the organisation’s annual general meeting and to vote on Board nominations
  • COTA NT Members are encouraged to actively participate in the organisation, either as an event participant, facilitator, volunteer or Board member.

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