Who are COTA Members

COTA members

COTA NT Members Swapping News & Views

COTA NT Members Swapping News & Views

When you join COTA NT, you are becoming part of a united voice for seniors across the Northern Territory. Our members come from a wide range of backgrounds – they are male and female, individuals and couples from different cultural and ethnic backgrounds. They are:

All our members have an interest in the well-being of seniors. Unlike many other seniors’ organisations, our events are open to non-financial members of COTA NT. However, we welcome support through financial membership (as well as through volunteering, sponsorship, fund-raising, donations and bequests).

Members are invited to raise their concerns and issues with the Chief Executive Officer of COTA NT, who can advocate on their behalf. Members enjoy our programs and events, meet and connect with others and are provided with information to promote, improve and protect their circumstances and well-being.