Janis Adair

Administration and Reception – Contact Janis

Janis originally joined COTA NT as it was a place for her to meet other seniors and to do Fit for Life exercise classes with Sharon (a great way to exercise and to meet people). Janis then decided it was time to give back to the organisation and started to do some volunteer work for COTA in the office and at events, which she enjoyed especially as she was around and helping seniors.

She now works in an essential support role which includes front of house, reception and other administrative duties. She is most likely to be the first voice you hear when you phone Head Office. Janis will be happy to assist with your enquiry providing or directing you to relevant information, taking payments for membership, referring you to a Program Manager amongst many other things.

Note: Please know that Front of House can be very busy especially in the early morning as people sign in and out of Spillett House, so please be patient and hold if you are on the phone, or take a seat and enjoy a glass of cool water and a read.

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