Debbie Pepper

Aged Care Navigator Program Manager – Alice Springs

Debbie joined COTA NT in February 2019 as an Aged Care Navigator for a 18-month trial project, which is designed to test different types of services and activities to help people learn more about Government supported aged care programs and how to access them. Debbie provides people in Alice Springs and surrounding areas with:

  • Community workshops and information sessions
  • Assistance with filling in forms
  • Help to contact My Aged Care
  • Factsheets, handouts and other resources
  • Outreach services to support those who can’t come into the centre
  • Group support sessions
  • Individual support sessions.

These services are for people who need information about aged care options, or help to access aged care supports. This means older people, their families, friends and others who want to link with aged care supports. The services are particularly aimed at helping people who:

Live in rural or remote areas; have a diverse cultural background; identify as gender diverse; have limited access to internet or other technologies; are vulnerable, isolated, homeless, disadvantaged or impaired; have dementia or mental health problems; are unlikely to seek aged care support without assistance from others.

Contact Debbie

Phone Debbie directly on 0423 828 558 (or leave a message for her at the COTA NT head office, 08 8941 1004)

Read more about the Aged Care Navigator program.

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