COTA NT staff

The organisation’s staff are mostly employed on a part-time basis, and work from Darwin, Alice Springs and remotely. If you wish to contact staff, please use our online contact form. Your enquiry will be forwarded to the staff member best placed to help you.


Sue Shearer 
Chief Executive Officer

Cecilia Chiolero
PICAC NT & Office Management

Stephanie Kendall
Communications & Marketing

Lorna McLaughlin
Activities & Events Coordinator
Kim Farrar
Seniors Card Manager
Ken Glover
Membership Coordinator

Janet Brown 
Aged Care Navigator (Darwin)

Debbie Pepper
Central Australia Representative
& Aged Care Navigator (Alice Springs)

Christina Wiggett
Reception & Administrator


Olwyn Noble
Reception & Administrator

Lisa Hambour



COTA NT staff is supported by a team of volunteers, who assist with programs, events and administration (read more about volunteering at COTA NT).