Ida Anderson, Board Member and Berry Springs Representative of COTA NT

Having arrived in the Territory in 1972 living in regional areas and Berry Springs for many years, Ida thought there was a need for a new Berry Springs Seniors Group which started in August 2017. By starting this group, Ida realised just how many vital issues there are for seniors in the future.

Ida has been elected previously as an Alderman and Deputy Mayor in local government for 7 years, working with a diverse group of people addressing community issues. Other community ventures that Ida has worked on includes working with migrants in their homes teaching English and providing general day to day answers to their questions; enjoying different cultures and laughing together when there are misunderstandings.

Currently Ida enjoys her family, collecting old items and learning about their history and has a love for “travel”. For some years Ida has also been part of a special Maths Program to assist with extra developmental opportunities with primary school children.

Ida plans to further develop the new Seniors group in Berry Springs but to also be “aware” as a member of the COTA board of  broader issues affecting seniors. Ida’s focus for the future is to address concerns of seniors in the Northern Territory and to enjoy being part of a group enhancing living in the north.

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