Research and Surveys

Research and surveys

Reports based on our survey findings can be found on our Findings and Reports page.

Active Surveys 

We welcome responses to the surveys published below from all seniors in the Territory (both COTA and non-COTA members). 

COTA NT Have Your Say – COVID-19 – Survey 2020

First released: March/April 2020
We want to hear from you about the current coronavirus crisis. We are gathering this information at COTA NT to understand better the impact the crisis is having on our members and senior Territorians aged 50+. We will then be better placed to determine what our role can be and what support we can offer during this time. We want to hear about your thoughts and about the precautions being put in place to manage the situation. Complete the online survey here (this link takes you to the survey on Google forms).

StepUp Dementia Research 

First published January 2020: Ongoing survey opportunities
The goal of StepUp for Dementia Research is to make it possible for everyone who wants to be involved in dementia research to get the chance to do so and to help researchers find the people they need. You may asked to be involved in research around topics such as: nutrition, lifestyle, new technology, psychological therapy, physical therapy, drug trial, citizen science, survey/interview, brain imaging, genetic test, cognitive test, social engagement, procedure/treatment. Visit their website to sign up.

Past Surveys

COTA NT conducts independent surveys, surveys commissioned by government or other agencies. We also help partner organisations promote awareness of their surveys. Reports based on our survey findings can be found on our Research and Reports page.

COTA NT 2020 Cost of Living Survey

  • Topics in this survey included: residency in the Northern Territory, demographics, financial security, employment status, employment sector, annual income and highest expense impacting cost of living (view findings).

COTA NT 2019 Seniors Survey

  • Topics in this survey included crime and security, financial security, quality of life and concerns (view findings).

COTA NT 2018 Seniors Survey

  • Topics in this survey included: quality of life, employment, health, financial security and cost of living, vulnerability, future sentiment and concerns, feelings of value, age discrimination, home and aged care, housing, later life planning, consumer complaints and rights and getting around (view findings).

COTA NT 2014 – 2015 Seniors Survey (Now You See Us)

  • Topics in this survey included: demographics, residency and intentions to stay in or leave the Territory; inter generational connections, information and technology use; employment and income; housing situation and needs; health and well being, security and safety, and quality of life; caring and being cared for; transport and mobility (view findings).

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