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Our research

Surveys of Territory Seniors

COTA NT 2018 Seniors Survey Snapshot – released 26 November 2018

Find out more about the survey including: survey content, distribution channels, number and age of respondents, regions and media.

COTA NT 2014-15 Seniors Survey: Now You See Us! – A Report on the Policy and Economic Impacts from Rapid Growth in the Number of Senior Territorians –  released Friday 1 May 2015

The findings of this report express a range of concerns and aspirations in relation to aspects of economic and social well-being for Territory seniors, plus information about:

  • Demographic precursors that exist in the Territory, which will deliver a relatively rapid onset of population ageing and swift growth in the number of seniors
  • Movement into retirement ages for long-term residents will leave a hole in the workforce and create significantly more seniors than observed in the past
  • Changing demographics associated with population giving rise to the need for targeted policies to ensure adequate planning for the future needs of seniors