Research and Reports

Research and reports

Surveys of Territory Seniors

COTA NT Have Your Say – COVID-19 – Survey 2020

(March/April 2020)

We want to hear from you about the current coronavirus crisis. We are gathering this information at COTA NT to understand better the impact the crisis is having on our members and senior Territorians aged 50+. We will then be better placed to determine what our role can be and what support we can offer during this time. We want to hear about your thoughts and about the precautions being put in place to manage the situation. Complete the online survey here (this link takes you to the survey on Google forms).


COTA NT 2020 Cost of Living Survey

(March 2020)

The COTA NT 2020 Survey – Cost of Living Survey of Seniors is being distributed across the Northern Territory from March 2020. Complete the online survey here (this link takes you to the survey on Google forms). See more ways to fill in this survey.


COTA NT 2019 Seniors Survey

Results coming soon.


COTA NT 2018 Seniors Survey

This survey was an independent conducted by COTA NT to compliment the national survey released by COTA Australia, “State of the Older Nation.”  Download this report: COTA State of the Older Nation Report 2018 (Prepared by Newgate Research – click to read)


Population Ageing in Northern Australia: Seniors’ Voices on Ageing in Place

Authored: Andrew Taylor & Hannah Payer, Northern Institute, Charles Darwin University, Ellengowan Drive, Darwin, NT 0909, Australia

[extract] “As a sparsely populated northern jurisdiction (with a population density just 0.2 persons per square kilometre), the Northern Territory (NT) of Australia has a small, transient and youthful population of around 240,000 residents, a third of whom are Indigenous. These population characteristics are emblematic of those found across the north of Australia (Taylor et al. 2015). The NT is only now experiencing ageing as an emerging population trend.”

[extract “The very old population (those 85 years and over) is projected to grow from just under 2000 residents in 2011 to just under 14,000 residents in 2041 (or 700 % growth). Indicative of the scale of ageing in the contexts of a small population, net projected growth in the very old cohort is greater than the size of the NT’s third largest town of Katherine.”

Read the full paper here (Population Ageing in Northern Australia: Seniors’ Voices on Ageing in Place)


COTA NT 2014 – 2015 Seniors Survey

COTA NT has worked closely for a number of years with population researchers at Charles Darwin University (CDU) on research to better understand the implications from the growing numbers of Territory Seniors. The ongoing partnership has enabled CDU researchers to provided independent research on which COTA has been able to advocate for Territory Seniors (read more).


The findings of this report express a range of concerns and aspirations in relation to aspects of economic and social well-being for Territory seniors, plus information about: demographic precursors that exist in the Territory, which will deliver a relatively rapid onset of population ageing and swift growth in the number of seniors, movement into retirement ages for long-term residents will leave a hole in the workforce and create significantly more seniors than observed in the past, changing demographics associated with population giving rise to the need for targeted policies to ensure adequate planning for the future needs of seniors.