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Your sponsorship enables COTA NT

  • Cambodian seniors enjoyed a rare outing to share their cultural with others

    Cambodian seniors enjoyed a rare outing to share their culture

    To provide affordable events and activities for seniors
  • Run programs that appeal to a diverse population
  • Engage seniors through well-communicated information
  • Challenge age discrimination and to promote positive ageing
  • Manage volunteers contributing to the community.

These are just a few of the things that your sponsorship enables us to do for Territory seniors.

Your sponsorship helps fund:

  • Advocacy services: Give seniors a say in policy
  • Information delivery: Keep seniors informed about Territory life and relevant issues
  • Social programs: Enable seniors to maintain or establish supportive and caring relationships
  • Health and fitness programs: Ensures seniors keep active, stay strong and independent
  • Multicultural events: Encourage participation by people of different cultural backgrounds.

Benefits to COTA Sponsors

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